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Outdoor Play Equipment Issues and Options Report 

Curry Mallet’s Outdoor Play Equipment Survey Results are in!
Thank you to everyone that took part in the “Outdoor Play Equipment Survey” last November. Since then Curry Mallet Parish Council’s Outdoor Play Equipment Working Group have been busy analysing all the results and writing an Issues and Options Report.
We were really pleased with the response. 74 Survey’s were returned giving us a response rate of 40% –
You will recall that the purpose of the survey was to:-

1) Assess if there is a need or demand for outdoor play equipment in Curry Mallet;

2) Ask where you think any outdoor play equipment should be sited in the village;

3) Seek your views as to which age group outdoor play equipment should be provided for.

4) Discover if, in principle, the local community would support funding being raised for outdoor play equipment through the Local Precept charged on every household in the village .

The full Play Area Issues and Options Report and Executive Summary (for those of you that prefer “lighter” reading!) are attached and answer all those questions in detail. Just click on either the Report or Executive Summary to download a copy.

However, for those of you that cant wait and are itching to find out, here are the headline results:-

1. Yes there is a demand for play equipment in Curry Mallet. This has been demonstrated by:-

          a) Curry Mallet and Beercrocombe’s Adopted Parish Plan.

          b) The fact that South Somerset District Council has awarded funding

              through the planning system for the installation of play equipment in

              the village and their policies ain to increase the amount of play

              equipment available for young people  throughout the District.

         c) Comparing 2001 and 2011 Census data reveals that compared

             with South Somerset, the number of children  and young people

             living in Curry Mallet (as a percentage of population) remains

             healthy and, in fact, grew.

         d) The fact the survey has revealed that judging by solely responses

              received from those living in Curry Mallet, at least 95 children live in

              or regularly visit our village

2. 88% of respondents that live in Curry Mallet thought play equipment should be installed at Curry Mallet and Beercrocombe Village Hall.

3. Play equipment should primarily be provided for children aged between 0-11 years

4. Over half of Curry Mallet respondents would be willing to be involved and assist the Working Group with fundraising and 30% would be willing to help any future out Play Area Sub Committee by being trained to carry out safety inspections on a rota basis.

5) 82% of Curry Mallet’s respondents would be willing, in principle, to financially support the installation and future upkeep of any play equipment through the Local Precept.

Members of the Working Group will shortly be presenting the Issues and Options Report to the Following meetings:-

Curry Mallet Parish Council – Monday 12th January 2015 . 7.30pm at Curry Mallet and Beercrocombe Village Hall.

Curry Mallet and Beercrocombe Village Hall Committee – Thurday 5th February 2015. 8.15pm at Curry Mallet and Beercrocombe Village Hall.

Both these meetings are open to Parishoners where your views and comments would be welcomed.

Kind regards

Richard Allard, Selina Jervis and Grant Turner