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Neighbourhood Watch

As for much of rural South Somerset, this is a relatively low crime area: Most reported offences relate to thefts from out-buildings (eg. sheds or garages) and are opportunistic rather than pre-planned crimes. Nonetheless, residents are recommended to be vigilant for the protection of their property (and that of their neighbours) and should ensure that neither bikes, nor tools nor other sorts of equipment are left out unattended in front or back gardens visible to passers-by, ie. not to show saleable goods for a passing thief to take away. Likewise, householders should ensure that their garage doors are kept shut, at least partially, at all times in order not to exhibit any items of value to prying eyes. Always remember that the M5 is only 10 minutes’ drive away, so stolen goods can be widely dispersed within a very few hours.

Within Avon & Somerset Constabulary’s domain, the Curry Mallet locality is the responsibility of WPC Toni Lines, whose beat area covers the SSDC Wards of Islemoor, Curry Rivel, Burrow Hill & Martock. Toni has two Community Support Officers, Elaine Cave and Mal Thompson.  These officers would be pleased to meet members of the community, and appointments can be made for discussing any confidential matters drawn to their attention.


The NHW Co-ordinator for Curry Mallet has these three officers’ mobile ‘phone numbers through which to make direct contact with whoever is on shift, should the need arise.  In an emergency, parishioners should ring the 999 number, stating clearly the nature of the emergency, the place from which they are ‘phoning, the location of the incident (if different) and as much description as possible as to the people involved and the vehicle that they are using (eg. colour, make, & number plate details). Use the 999 number for alerting the police to any instance of suspicious activity in the neighbourhood (eg. unknown people observed lurking around nearby properties or vehicles) as well as for any break-ins or other serious offences being committed.

Please remember that police resources are directed to localities of greatest need. Only by receiving calls from the general public will the police be able to create a profile of the suspicious activity (or worse) in each locality. If no one reports these occurrences, the police profile will be empty and indicate little need for their resources.

The person answering the 999 call will allocate a priority and will route the call to the most appropriate and accessible member of the Constabulary staff. Do remember that the 999 calls are received at Avon & Somerset HQ in Portishead near Bristol, so the person receiving the call might be unfamiliar with the immediate Curry Mallet locality, and will benefit from you giving them precise location details. If using a mobile ‘phone, dial 112 for emergencies; this number will automatically give the caller’s precise location.

For all non-urgent police matters, people should dial 101. Calls from landlines and mobiles will cost 15p, irrespective of how long the call lasts or the time of day the call is made.

In collaboration with the Constabulary, Curry Mallet has been designated a “Cold-Calling Aware Zone”, since door-to-door and other unsolicited sales-people are unwelcome and will be moved-on by the police. The aim of the Zone is to protect the vulnerable of this community, and to dissuade nuisance callers. (Bono fide callers, with proper identification, are still welcome however.) If someone comes to your door and you do not wish to engage with them, please tell them that this is Cold-Calling Aware Zone and that they are not welcome; if they persist, dial 999 and tell the police that you live in a Zone and the caller is being a nuisance. No one can claim ignorance of the Zone as there are signs at the entry points to the parish, and also stickers next to householders’ front doors.

The NHW Co-ordinator for Curry Mallet is Godfrey Townrow, who can be reached by ‘phone on 01823 480899; he has a listing for local householders with access to e:mail, and regularly circulates “Alert” messages from the Constabulary giving details of suspicious or criminal activities within the area about which people should be aware and take precautionary or preventative action as appropriate. Please ring Godfrey if you would like him to have your e:mail details. All information held by the co-ordinator is covered by the Data Protection Act, and e:mail addresses are not revealed to others.