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a111Village Sign – Winning Design

Congratulations to Rob Penny of Ashtree House who has won our village sign and flag competition and what a worthy winner. We would like to thank Rob for sending us such a superb entry. Rob’s thinking was:

“I wanted to show something that relates to the Magna Carta but also Curry Mallet so I chose the Motte and Bailey castle which William Malet (supposedly) built. This is positioned on the left under the 1215 date in which he was lord of the Manor there. On the right is the Manor House as it looks today, under the current date. Between them is the knight which is the logo for the barons association but can also be seen as William Malet. Surrounding all this is the moat which has lasted all these years, with its recognisable bull rushes. I’ve gone for a classic looking iron sign with the only colour coming from the coat of arms.”

Babs Lyon of Bat Barn, Doble Close, was close on his heels though with an interesting design in the shape of a shield and which included components like the church, Somerset dragon, coats of arms, magna carta date etc. We had eight entries plus one made up flag – thank you to everyone who entered.




Village Flag – Winning Design

This is Rob’s design of a pennant using a couple of the ideas from his village sign and we will be purchasing one of these to fly from the church on special occasions. If you are interested in ordering a112one for your personal use please let us know either on 481824 or emailing asap, so we can ask for quotations.

It appears that the size of the flag needs to be proportional to the size of the flag pole, e.g. one yard in flag length for every ten feet of flag pole. Also, apparently, the length of such pennants should be four times their width. Obviously, the price of the pennants will reduce the more we order – going by calculations from Trowbridge (our nearest rebel baron town) their best quote is:

3 x 12 feet fish tailed pennon, dye sub or digitally printed on to poly flag material

1 off £110 each, 5 off (all the same) £75 each, 10 off (all the same) £65 each

Smaller would be cheaper of course.