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Uncommon folk making uncommonly good music – musicians performing original and traditional songs and tunes on a wide variety of instruments. This blend of music proved to be ideal for our Magna Carta Medieval Day, and a million miles away from the party band the night before.

Formed in 2011 Stampita is a local band based in Taunton, Somerset. They perform a unique blend of original, traditional and contemporary material with a line up which includes bouzouki, mandolin, bass guitar, flute, rock steady percussion and a blend of vocals. Their wide ranging repertoire is centred upon the compositions of in-band singer-songwriter Will Cann. Their songs and instrumentals showcase their collective talent and the resulting sound is a vibrant, multi-layered blend of complex rhythms, haunting harmonies and soulful singing.

Their musical references span the centuries, from medieval melodies, through battle cries of Stuart Rebellion to contemporary folk songs of love, loss and hope restored.

This is all reflected in the meaning of the name – a Stampita is a rhythmic instrumental composition that accompanied a poem, dating back to the 14th Century.

A pure folk music feast for any folk music lover and a performance you will enjoy.