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The Round Window Club

The Curry Mallet Mini Day Centre was set up in January 1995 when a group of volunteers were keen to offer the opportunity of a change of scene and company, together with a home-cooked lunch, to a limited number of local people. Our club is especially relevant to anyone living alone and who does not have many opportunities to go out.

The Social Service Department of the County Council run day centres all over Somerset. They are largish establishments which provide any care which the elderly may need.   Additionally, Social Services may provide a small grant to help set up a mini day centre and our centre secured this grant, together with an annual sum to help pay for the hire of the village hall.


Rose’s Return – Christmas Lunch 2003

We soon renamed our centre “The Round Window Club”, the name having been taken from the window shape in the committee room at the village hall and where we hold our meetings. This room is small, easier and cheaper to heat and makes and pleasant and cosy venue.

Our members (maximum of twelve) join us at fortnightly intervals from 10.30 to 2.30 and are usually collected from their homes by our volunteers or may be brought to the hall by a relative or friend. They pay a sum for their meal which is fixed by Social Services (currently £3.50) and a transport charge of £2.00 each way, if collected by a volunteer. From time to time we arrange sing-songs, poetry readings and exercise sessions and are always on the lookout for something which will be of interest. Extra funds for outings/presents are raised from coffee mornings for which we get wonderful support.

Voluntary help is at a premium but it is not too onerous. At present, our team is on a rota and each volunteer is “on duty” usually twice in three months. Duties are driving, generally helping, preparing the lunch and, of course, washing-up. A minimum of four volunteers are involved each session, some of whom may only wish to drive or, perhaps, cook. Drivers can be paid for transporting members but being linked to Social Services this requires some “red tape”.

Many of our volunteers for this worthwhile cause have been with the club from the early days and we now really need some new ones who are younger than the originals!

Over the years we have had several members from Fivehead, Isle Abbots and Isle Brewers but only one volunteer from these villages.


What about you?

Have you recently retired?

Would you like to become one of our volunteers and help with any (or all) of these jobs?

The cost to you will be your TIME but we guarantee you will enjoy it, as do our members.

If you would like to help please contact: Roger Hughes on 01823 480044 or Heather Mealing on 01823 480947.