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Gardening Club

This is a friendly local Garden Club which draws members from all seven of the local parishes.

Meetings are held on a monthly basis and during the winter are either iHatch Beauchamp Village Hall or the Neroche Parish Hall in Bickenhall.

The talks cover a wide range of topics, e.g. Pest Control in the Garden; Gardening on Clay and Garden Wildlife.  We have also had fascinating talks on such diverse subjects as bees!, bats!, home wine making! and an extremely popular one on how to manage your garden without digging!!


Members’ suggestions for topics are always welcome and there is the opportunity to talk to each other and members of the committee over refreshments at the end of the meeting – always a selection of cakes and biscuits – usually home made.  We also welcome potted up cuttings and seedlings, which members can exchange for a small donation towards funds

During the summer our meetings take the form of visits to gardens.  We have visited a wide variety of these over the past few years; some belonging to members and other more formal gardens which are open to the public during the summer months. We had a lovely Saturday afternoon at the Willows & Wetlands visitor centre at Stoke St Gregory and learned much to our surprise that they make the baskets for the famous Fortnum & Mason Christmas Hampers. Later this year we will visit Wyndham House and Garden for a guided tour and Midney Gardens in Somerton.

Membership is £5.00 a year and new members will be warmly welcomed and added to our distribution list for all future events.  Come along to our next meeting.  We ask for a small 2.50 charge from non-members, but £5.00 will buy you membership till next February.  All contact names and numbers are in the parish magazine and we look forward to hearing from you.

Contacts: Wendy Morris 01460 234445, Joy Larkman 01460234237, Derek Cooper 01823 480465 or Maureen James 01823 481111.