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Out and about Flora and Fauna

The wildlife around Curry Mallet is wide and variable.  the village has some quiet corners and footpaths, as well as a stream flowing through the centre and many well established gardens, all creating many different habitats.

As well as a good list of farmland birds including Linnets, Yellowhammers and Meadow Pipits, it also has summertime visits from Cuckoos and nesting Spotted Flycatchers and Nightingales have been known to sing here too.

Barn owls can be seen gliding above the roads using them like their own highways and quartering over fields, especially in May and June when they have big hungry chicks. Boxes have been provided for these popular owls on at least two sites; they also nest at the church.

Parts of Curry Mallet, especially along the quieter lanes with grassy middles, have glow-worms, a beetle that prefers no light pollution. The females light up after dark, as brightly as an LED, to attract a mate.

Then further on into the centre of the village are some distinctive trees – the Horse Chestnut that shades the shop, seen in its youth in the old pictures in the pub, and a beautiful line of tall poplars edging the manor that can be seen from some distance away.