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The scheduled launch of Superfast Broadband for our area has been delayed beyond the early October 2014 date previously publicised. It is now likely to be early in the New Year – 2015.

About 60 people from the area attended a briefing on the project, hosted at Hatch Beauchamp Village Hall, on Wednesday10 September. Representatives from ‘Connecting Devon and Somerset’, the commissioning body, and from BT, the contractor, described progress and the latest news. The new BT cabinet that connects to the exchange with fibre-optic cable has been installed in Silver Street opposite the Beercrocombe turning.  Unlike the familiar telephone cabinet, an electrical supply has to be connected to this fibre-optic box. We were told that ‘Wayleave negotiations’ for this electrical supply are delaying progress at the moment.

Details of ‘Where and When’ the faster service will be provided are available on the connecting Devon and Somerset website with its excellent interactive map. But this is only a rough guide and is at a Postcode and not a house level. The contract is to provide a speed of 24Mb/s at the cabinet. From the cabinet to our homes the speed drops off quite quickly, proportionate to the distance from the cabinet. At a distance of 1 km the speed will be about 20Mb/s but at a distance of 1.8 km the speed will only be about 2 Mb/s. Speed is also affected by the quality of the cables from the cabinet to our homes – age and corrosion being a particular problem. The project is not responsible for these. If they are a problem it’s something we will have to take up ourselves with BT.