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A different approach to the Annual Parish Meeting this year.  It takes place on Monday 14th May prior to the usual monthly Parish Council Meeting – which will also serve as the Annual Meeting of Curry Mallet Parish Council.

Great efficiency by the parish council, but remember that the Annual Parish Meeting is NOT a parish council meeting – it is an opportunity to hear about and discuss everything going on within the parish. This is not a meeting of the council but a meeting of the parish itself (i.e. everyone who lives in the parish).  

Annual Parish Meeting

All electors residing within the parish are invited to this meeting, to be held on Monday May 14th 2018, in the Village Hall Committee room, commencing at 7.30pm.

By law, this meeting may discuss any parish matter and may pass resolutions pertaining to such matters;
Please contact the Chairman, Peter McKeown (tel 480945) should you wish to have any matter added to this meeting agenda.


1 To accept apologies for absence.

2 To adopt the minutes of the meeting held on April 24th 2017 (see below).

3. Chairman’s Report for 2017/2018

4. Financial Report for 2017/2018

5. Any Other Business.

6. To confirm that the next Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Monday May 14th 2019,
in the Curry Mallet & Beercrocombe Village Hall, at 7.30pm.

Annual Parish Meeting April 2017 Draft Minutes